Precision and simplicity inspired by coincidental and complex nature.

Designer & artisan

I have grown up amongst backwoods trails, rugged cliffs and galant lakes. During fishing trips with my dad, my interest was in the old tarred boats on the lake's bank and the rocks glimmering under the water. Of course, my mother was surprised when her child's pockets were almost always filled with different pebbles.

Even though many years have gone by, some things haven’t changed. I’m still the goofy one who stops mid journey to home to loiter around a puddle, just because it has frozen in a whimsical way. These natural forms and phenomena have convinced me that the best designer in the world is the Mother Earth. Therefore, I consider her my greatest role model, whom I respect with my designs and actions. 


I want my work to reflect the strangeness and beauty of nature so that the user of the jewellery can have the same feelings as I do while walking the lake's banks.