Designer & artisan

My mother always had the time to teach me and my sister to make handicrafts and art, especially during special holidays like Christmas. She was the one to introduce me into the world of arts and crafts. What comes to my father, he truly is the great problemsolver. He taught me to always think, think and think! He never fails to have a solution and to surprise me with his creativity and innovative approach to things.

My family has truly made me into the person I am today. I didn't know my passion until I decided to be brave enough to apply to a vocational school in Oulu to become an artisan in jewellery. Many people told me, that there is no point working in an art and craft based field. I decided not to listen to them! Start was rough, as I had barely any experience with anything. But what I did know, that my love for precision and my willing to always learn and do better would guide me on the way.


I am a jewellery designer and artisan in crafts and design, but I like to prefer myself as a designer. I will always cherish my jewellery artisan side, but I am more than just that. I love to do anything that involves design, service and customers. I will always be that half of my mothers artistic side and my fathers logical side. I feel like these two qualities are the powerful duo that I will always be grateful for.

I am very diligent with everything I do, and I always think about "the big picture". I am also ready to take the charge or responsibilities as I am very strict when it comes to the quality and timetable.  As a designer I am a mixture of a craftsman and a person, who likes to plan strategies, marketing and do projects in teams. The thing I love most is precision and simplicity. The process of a product or service is never like a straight line, but the result will always be simple and in high quality.



  • Basic goldsmith skills
  • Stone setting
  • Casting



  • Rhinoceros
  • Keyshot
  • Formlabs
  • B9Creations
  • CNC -programs and machines


  • User-centered methods
  • Sketching
  • Working in teams
  • Project leading
  • Ideation


  • Photography
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • WordPress